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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions Before Trek

    Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions Before Trek. Climbing and trekking are very different with other tour programs which are much needed preparation. Preparation is not only from the cost but includes the physical condition of the participants before carrying out the climb. Some questions that are often asked by participants climbing to Mount Semeru, Bromo and Ijen are as follows.

    Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions Before Trek

    Top 5 Frequently asked questions

    Q: How difficult are the treks?

    (Easy): Tend to be short day treks at low altitudes. Easy trek can be enjoyed by anyone who leads a reasonably active life and no special preparation is required.

    (Moderate): Will usually involve some longer treks (4-6 hours/day) at low altitudes (below 3000m). Some previous hill walking experience would be beneficial but these treks should be within the capabilities of those who lead a normal active life. Moderate trek may contain some optional difficult days, and so as to get the best out of the trip we would advise that you tone up your fitness before you join.

    (Difficult): Are for the more serious hill walker and a higher level of physical fitness is required. Trekking days are normally 6-8 hours and may involve up to 900m or more of ascent and descent. You should be prepared for several consecutive days walking, often at higher altitudes, so stamina is important.

    Q: What is the weather like?

    You need to be prepared for sudden weather changes while trekking. That’s why trekking equipment should be chosen carefully before the trip. Sudden rain storms or snow are always a possibility which needs to be considered. The weather during the trekking season is somewhat more stable.

    Q: What kind of clothes is needed for trekking?

    Here is the equipment and clothing we suggest:

    Clothing: Good walking boots and socks, Comfortable shoes/slippers for camp/guesthouse, Trekking pants, Lightweight waterproof, over-trousers / rain-pants, Underwear, Long johns, T-shirts, Fleece jacket or warm jumper, Lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket, Hat, Goggles (winter) and sunglasses (summer), Lightweight thermal or fleece, gloves .

    Equipment: 3 to 4 season sleeping bag, Walking stick, Day sack/backpack, Headtorch / headlamp, Basic First Aid Kit , Ice axe and crampons (winter) , Water bottle or camel back (recommended), Penknife (useful)

    Other: Personal items (e.g. towel, sunscreen, wipes, toilet tissues, antibacterial handwash) , Small First Aid Kit including insect repellent, plasters, meds, Small rubbish bag to carry out what you carry in Matches e.g. burn toilet paper Trail snacks, Zip- Up bags for camera, Repair kit (eg. needle, thread, duct tape).

    Q: Should I bring trekking equipment with me?

    You can easily rent equipment for a reasonable price in Imlil before your trek, but it’s always better and more convenient to have your own equipment during trekking, so we advise you to bring equipment with you.

    Q: Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?

    Tips are appreciated by your support team after the trip. The amount depends on your budget and appreciation of their work. Some trekkers give 10% of the total tour cost as tips.