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Terms And Conditions

Term or Service of our travel agent that you must know and attention:


  • Down Payment by 50%, maximum 1 weeks before the tour;
  • The rest of the payment can be paid when pick you up ( a special for Private Tour );
  • The group tour must be do the full payment on 2 days before the tour;


  • Booking trekking tour package, performed with minimum 2 people;
  • There is no limit to the number of participants in a tourist tour trips;
  • Our prices include via email is the standard price travel tour;
  • Booking, moving schedule, upgrading or correction booking only use via email or Send Short Message 2 weeks before the tour;
  • There is no age limit of the participants in the tour;
  • Age of participants is less than 2 years old will be free of charge, 3-5 years age participants is 50% cost and more than 6 years full cost of the package;
  • Conducting a travel in conditions of healthy body and mind;
  • During the tour activities, participants are prohibited from doing acts that violate applicable laws for every object tourism;
  • The delay in the return due to a disturbance in the field, without being deliberately by travel agent and other forms of losses to be borne by the participants;
  • Down Payment can not be taken back if there is cancellation of the participants;
  • Hotel which has been ordered was full, it is the responsibility of the travel tour agent to the move to the equivalent hotel;
  • The canceling travel tour and travel in case of natural disasters beyond the ability of a travel tour then there will be cashback 100%