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Mount Semeru Trekking Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

    Mount Semeru Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights. Your trekking in Mount Semeru is not perfect if you do not do climbing tour package of Mount Semeru 3 days 2 nights with us, in the plan to conquer various mountains in Indonesia, especially on this island of Java.

    Semeru is one of the mountains which is a very popular tourist attraction in East Java in addition to Mount Bromo. Mount Semeru has a height of 3667 meters above sea level that makes it crowned as the highest mountain in Java. Its famous crater with the name Jonggring Saloko not only gives the impression of spooky but also ready to present its beauty to the climbers.

    Mount Semeru Trekking 3 Days 2 Nights

    Mount Semeru Trekking Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

    Mount Semeru (Mahameru) is located in two administrative areas of Malang and Lumajang, East Java. The way to get to Semeru, you do not have to pass from Lumajang, use the route via Malang or from Bromo, you can also reach the mountain Semeru. If you have 3 days and 2 nights how to climb to the top of the semeru until finish?

    Itinerary Hiking Mt.Semeru for 3D2N

    Day 1 : Pick up time – Kalimati Camp
    Your first day trip start from Malang to Ranu Pani village. But if you are in Surabaya, you have to use a taxi to get to the city of Malang and to the village Ranu pani. If you do not mind, you can also take advantage of the shuttle service provided by us that offers Semeru climbing tour packages so your trip is easier.

    Once you arrive at Ranu Pane (2.200m), you must check the climbing equipment. The trekking from Ranu Pane should proceed to Ranu Kumbolo (2,400m). The travel time you need to arrive at Ranu Kumbolo from Ranu Pane is 4-5 hours of climbing. Arriving at Ranu Kumbolo you take a break while enjoying lunch, after that you have to continue climbing to Kalimati which takes time for 3 hours, Arrive at kalimati base camp and can sett tent and rest overnight.

    Day 2 : Kalimati – Semeru Summit
    The second day trip in Kalimati, you must start exactly at 12:00 pm to climb to Arcopodho. From Kalimati to Arcopodho it takes you 1.5 hours to climb. After that continue climbing from Arcopodho to Mahameru peak 3.676m which takes about 3 hours climbing. You’ll reach the top of Mahameru before sunrise so you can see the sunrise.

    After enjoying the beautiful sunrise and enjoy the beauty of the Semeru summit, you have to go down and back to Kalimati for breakfast and packing. After that you can go back down to Ranu Kumbolo. If the previous day you can not enjoy the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo, this second day you should enjoy the beauty of the lake Kumbolo.

    Day 3: Kumbolo lake – Back home
    In the morning, you should not miss the beauty of sunrise combined with Ranu Kumbolo. Once satisfied to enjoy the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo, you must return to Ranu Pane which takes the same 4 to 5 hours of travel time as before. After that you can back to home from Ranu Pane to Malang or Surabaya, and trip of Mount Semeru Trekking 3 days 2 nights is complete.

    Semeru Tours Package Price 3 Days 2 Nights

    ParticipantPrice per Person
    1IDR 8.350.000/person
    2IDR 5.585.000/person
    3IDR 4.950.000/person
    4IDR 4.650.000/person
    5IDR 3.870.000/person
    6IDR 3.750.000/person
    7IDR 4.070.000/person
    8IDR 3.950.000/person
    9IDR 3.850.000/person
    10IDR 3.785.000/person

    Price Include :

    Private transport standard tourist by full air conditioned (Start -Finish).
    Tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc.
    1 night camping at Ranu Kumbolo
    1 night camping in Kalimati
    Entrance fee and Licensing to Mount Semeru National Park
    Eating supplies during the tour (Lunch, dinner and Breakfast)
    Mineral water during trekking tour
    Guided tour guides / guides
    Porter in Semeru

    Price is not included

    Travel insurance
    Individual needs

    Preparation for trek to Mount Semeru

    Climbing to Mount Semeru certainly different from other tours. In addition to a fairly difficult terrain, the climbing trip is also not as comfortable as you do regular tours. Therefore careful preparation should be done. One of the most important preparations to do mount semeru trekking is to prepare your physical well as possible because the climb to Semeru requires strong physical and prime. In addition to excellent physical, you also have to prepare equipment to climb like a warm jacket, T-shirt, head lamp, clothing climber, trekking pole, Trekking shoes, buff, until the rope and also the medicine box is a compulsory equipment that you must carry during the climb.

    Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How difficult are the treks?

    (Easy): Tend to be short day treks at low altitudes. Easy trek can be enjoyed by anyone who leads a reasonably active life and no special preparation is required.

    (Moderate): Will usually involve some longer treks (4-6 hours/day) at low altitudes (below 3000m). Some previous hill walking experience would be beneficial but these treks should be within the capabilities of those who lead a normal active life. Moderate trek may contain some optional difficult days, and so as to get the best out of the trip we would advise that you tone up your fitness before you join.

    (Difficult): Are for the more serious hill walker and a higher level of physical fitness is required. Trekking days are normally 6-8 hours and may involve up to 900m or more of ascent and descent. You should be prepared for several consecutive days walking, often at higher altitudes, so stamina is important.

    Q: What is the weather like?

    You need to be prepared for sudden weather changes while trekking. That’s why trekking equipment should be chosen carefully before the trip. Sudden rain storms or snow are always a possibility which needs to be considered. The weather during the trekking season is somewhat more stable.

    Q: What kind of clothes is needed for trekking?

    Here is the equipment and clothing we suggest:

    Clothing: Good walking boots and socks, Comfortable shoes/slippers for camp/guesthouse, Trekking pants, Lightweight waterproof, over-trousers / rain-pants, Underwear, Long johns, T-shirts, Fleece jacket or warm jumper, Lightweight windproof/waterproof jacket, Hat, Goggles (winter) and sunglasses (summer), Lightweight thermal or fleece, gloves .

    Equipment: 3 to 4 season sleeping bag, Walking stick, Day sack/backpack, Headtorch / headlamp, Basic First Aid Kit , Ice axe and crampons (winter) , Water bottle or camel back (recommended), Penknife (useful)

    Other: Personal items (e.g. towel, sunscreen, wipes, toilet tissues, antibacterial handwash) , Small First Aid Kit including insect repellent, plasters, meds, Small rubbish bag to carry out what you carry in Matches e.g. burn toilet paper Trail snacks, Zip- Up bags for camera, Repair kit (eg. needle, thread, duct tape).

    Q: Should I bring trekking equipment with me?

    You can easily rent equipment for a reasonable price in Imlil before your trek, but it’s always better and more convenient to have your own equipment during trekking, so we advise you to bring equipment with you.

    Q: Is tipping included and if not, how much should I budget?

    Tips are appreciated by your support team after the trip. The amount depends on your budget and appreciation of their work. Some trekkers give 10% of the total tour cost as tips.