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Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights

    Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights. Having a long vacation time for approximately 1 week, may make you feel confused to spend the holiday time, especially you are an adventurer who loves nature tourism. If we suggest how to choose the East Java tourist attraction where the tourist attractions that we offer is to explore the tourist attractions in eastern Java, interesting tour packages for the special try for you the climber and nature lovers that Mount Semeru Trekking, Mount Bromo Sunrise and Climb at Mt.Ijen Crater Banyuwangi.

    Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour Package 5 Days 4 Nights

    Trekking To Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Volcano 5 Days 4 Nights

    The object tourism that we mean is climbing Mount Semeru (3,676 mdpl), Mount Bromo (2.329 mdpl) and Mount Ijen (2,443 mdpl) located in East Java is a good place to visit for 1 week. The tour packages we named Climbing to Mount semeru, Mt. Bromo and Ijen Crater has a duration of 5 days 4 nights with details that stay at Ranu Pane for 1 night, in Kumbolo Semeru for 1 night, in Bromo hotel 1 night, and the last is stay 1 night in Ijen hotel area. Then what about the program of Climbing to Mount Semeru, Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater 5 days trip ? You can check below the itinerary program.

    5D4N Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Tour Package Itinerary

    Day 1: Surabaya East Java – Ranu Pani Villages
    The climbers who we picked up from Surabaya should start the journey from the city of Surabaya to the city of Malang first, then you can continue the trip to the village Tumpang Malang, then from the village tumpang proceeded to go to the village Ranu Pani. From Surabaya to Ranu Pani village takes a normal time of 6 hours, in ranu pani village has available homestay to stay before trekking to Mount Semeru. Check in home stay and rest.

    Day 2: Ranu Pani – Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati Base Camp
    After breakfast, the climbers make preparations, check physical health, prepare mentally, and also register as a climber Semeru.
    The main target of climbing on this second day is the Kumbolo lake, Climbing takes 5 hours to get to the Kumbolo lake. Arrive at Ranu Kumbolo, climbers can enjoy the lake, nature and scenery. After the break and lunch, it is time to continue climbing to Kalimati base camp, where the climbers will stay overnight in kalimati.

    Day 3: Kalimati – Semeru Summit 3676 mdpl – Mount Bromo
    After you do enough rest, at midnight, Climbers should get back up to the next spot of Arcopodho. From Arcopodho, the climb continues to the summit of Semeru which will be the most anticipated moment of 3 days. Climb from kalimati to summit semeru takes approximately 5 hours. Arriving at the peak of mahameru you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and Semeru nature.

    Feel satisfied at the peak of Semeru, then it’s time to go back to the village Ranu pani through kalimati and ranu kumbolo. In Kumbolo lake you can have lunch, take a rest while enjoying the Ranu Kumbolo. Once you arrive in the village of ranu pani the climbers will be brought to the location of the next attraction of Mount Bromo by riding a jeep. Arrive in Bromo and take a break at the hotel near Bromo

    Day 4: Bromo Sunrise tour – Ijen Plateau
    At 3 am, it’s time for the participants to get ready and be picked up by the hardtop jeep to get to the highest peak in Bromo that is Pananjakan Mountain where the other visitors gather there to see the phenomenal Bromo sunrise. In the area of Bromo, you can also enjoy other attractions such as the view of the crater of Bromo, savanna and sea of whisper sand.

    Back to the restaurant, enjoy breakfast, and the participants are free to spend time here until check out time arrives. At 11 noon you can leave the area of Mount Bromo and we will take you to Mount Ijen plateau by duration 5 hours drive. Arrive in Ijen area then check in hotel and rest.

    Day 5: Mount Ijen Blue Fire – Go Home
    Enjoying the crater tour especially the Blue Flame phenomenon will start at 01am in the morning, we will pick you up from the hotel lobby to the last post in Ijen Paltuding post, at this Paltuding post you will be preparing to go to the top of Ijen mountain. Start the climb from Paltuding to the top of Ijen with 2 hours trekking, arrive at the top of Ijen and you can see the beauty of the Blue Flame, and in the morning you can also see the beauty of the crater Ijen.

    After you feel quite satisfied with nature Ijen back to the main post and back to the hotel, breakfast, pack up and then check out. You will be transferred back to Surabaya / Malang or to Ketapang Harbor Banyuwangi for those of you who want to continue the journey to the island of Bali, and the program tour of Climbing to Mount Semeru Bromo and Ijen Crater 5 days is completed.

    Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour Price 5 Days

    ParticipantPrice per Person
    1IDR 12.500.000/person
    2IDR 7.950.000/person
    3IDR 7.000.000/person
    4IDR 6.525.000/person
    5IDR 5.665.000/person
    6IDR 5.475.000/person
    7IDR 5.950.000/person
    8IDR 6.765.000/person
    9IDR 5.625.000/person
    10IDR 5.520.000/person

    Price Include :

    – Private transport standard tourist by full air conditioned (Start -Finish).
    – Private Jeep from Ranu pani to Bromo area
    – Private Jeep/hardtop for sunrise tour
    – Tent, sleeping bag, mattress, etc.
    – 1 night homestay at Ranu Pani villages
    – 1 night camping in Kalimati
    – 1 night hotel accommodation in Bromo
    – 1 night hotel accommodation in Ijen area
    – Entrance fee and Licensing to Mount Semeru and Mt Bromo and Ijen crater
    – Eating supplies during the tour (Lunch, dinner and Breakfast)
    – Mineral water during trekking tour
    – Trekking guide in Semeru
    – Porter in Semeru
    – P3k

    Price is not included

    – Travel insurance
    – Individual needs