Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour (Kawah Ijen Volcano) – The Ijen Plateau, known as “Ijen Crater”, is a volcanic complex located in East Java and is considered one of the sights that cannot be forgotten in Indonesia because of its rare beauty.

Kawah Ijen Volcano

Mount Ijen

Mount Ijen (aka the Ijen volcano) is a calm but active volcano. Located amidst a stunning volcanic cone landscape. The beautiful turquoise sulfur lake in the heart of the Ijen volcano is the largest acidic lake in the world and the result of a volcanic crater.

Ijen Blue Fire

Tourists come to Ijen to see “Ijen Blue Fire”. A blue-electric flame arises from burning sulfur gas. These gases emerge from volcanic cracks at high pressure and temperature up to 1,112 ° F (600 ° C). Turns on when in contact with air. The Ijen blue fire can reach a height of 16 feet (5 meters).

Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Is this a difficult and dangerous climb? Yes “It’s very steep and dangerous, but you go up at night, so you can’t see how steep it is. It’s dangerous because the air contains sulfur, so before going up the Ijen volcano is required to wear a gas mask.

Kawah Ijen Volcano Trekking Night Tour for Blue Fire Package Itinerary :

Day 1 : Pick Up Point – Mount Ijen Hotel

In The first day pick you up by private car on your arrival in airport or train station, ferry harbor then going direct to Ijen hotel with duration 7-8 hours driving from Surabaya or Bali and 2 hours drive from ferry port ketapang banyuwangi to ijen. Arriving Ijen area in Sempol village and fell the local atmosphere,check in Hotel and free program

Day 2 : Ijen Blue Fire – Lake of Ijen Crater – Drop Off

In The second day kawah ijen tour must be wake up at 00.00 a.m and go direct to Ijen paltuding post with duration trip 45 minutes , . Arriving at Paltuding start trekking to the top of mount Ijen accompanied with the guides with duration 1.5 hours. Arrive on the top and to feel the beautiful scenery of ijen blue flame and lake of mount ijen crater. After satisfied back to the bottom and transfer back to the hotel, to take shower loading your bag and check out from the hotel then transfer out to Surabaya or Banyuwangi or Bali .End service of Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour.

Mount Ijen Crater Tour Package Price

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