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Frequently Asked Questions about Trekking In Semeru Bromo Ijen

    Frequently Asked Questions about Trekking In Semeru Bromo Ijen. These are the answers for Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) Trekking Mount Semeru Mahameru ,Mt.Bromo, Ijen Crater Blue Flame Tour ,climbing,expedition and trekking in Volcano East Java Indonesia.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Trekking In Semeru Bromo Ijen

    Frequently Asked Questions about TREKKING

    Q: What kind of overnight accommodation is used during the treks?

    In village near to bromo ijen and semeru, accommodation will be in hotels or homestay. We can offer accommodation that ranges from luxury deluxe to budget hotels. While on a trek accommodation will depend on the time of year and on your personal preference. You will be able to spend the night in local gites (guesthouses) and we also organize camping treks during which you will spend the night in tents. Whilst we always try to stay in the best possible accommodation along the way, you should be aware that some gites, particularly in the smaller villages, are quite basic. The bedrooms are usually small with shared bathroom facilities. Although simple, the gites do provide a warm bed and are usually run by friendly local families.

    Q: Where do we eat our meals and what kind of food is available?

    During your trek all meals will be prepared for you. If you stay in a local gite, the family running the gite will prepare a delicious local food for you. During a camping trek, all food will be prepared by an experienced cook.

    Q: What is the best time for trekking?

    Best time for semeru trekking is dry season in Indonesia (Mei through November) .

    Q: Do you provide any equipment while trekking?

    On all our camping treks we provide all the tents, sometimes dome tents, sometimes sturdy A frames and normally people share one tent between two; a mattress each; all the cutlery and utensils, cooking pots, stoves; candles/kerosene lantern,sleeping bag, tables and stools, kitchen tent, dining tent and toilet tent; all the main meals while trekking and snacks. When you stay overnight in local gites, you will not have to bring any equipment. If you spend the night at hotel.

    Q: What problems can arise on altitude?

    Altitude sickness is a serious problem. However the risks of altitude sickness in the High Mountains is very small. In the years that we have offered treks and walks in the Mountains, our guides have never experienced a client with altitude sickness. Of course our guides are trained to spot any signs of altitude sickness and know how to deal with it.

    Q: What happens in case of emergency?

    Trekking team (guide and porter) is prepared for any emergency situation and knows how to handle it. Our guides are trained in first aid and can deal with most of the basic ailments that occur during a trek. Every client should have his own insurance before climb to active volcano in east java indonesia for case of emergency.

    Q: Can we change the itinerary?

    Depending on the situation, you can modify it to some extent after consulting with your guide. However, the date of trek completion should always coincide with the original itinerary. On occasion local weather conditions may require the trekking route to be altered to ensure your safety.

    Q: Do you arrange private treks?

    Yes, we just provides private treks to mount bromo semeru ijen , and surrounding for you.