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Mount Semeru Trekking, Bromo Ijen Tour Package 2022

TrekkingSemeru.Com is online company travel that serves climbing or hiking to volcanoes in East Java Indonesia with a wide selection of climbing tour packages such as Mount Semeru Trekking, Camping on Ranu Kumbolo Lake, Mount Bromo Hike, Climb Ijen Crater at Night For Blue Fire (Kawah Ijen Tour), and others.

Our tour agent services have been working professionally and experienced in bringing a group or single traveler to explore tourist attractions in east java such as Semeru Bromo Ijen Volcano Tour. By using our tour agent services, you no longer need to take care of everything yourself, we will make your excursion trip from start to finish.

Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour

…or something like this :

Semeru Bromo Ijen Trekking Tour Package

Tour packages that we offer vary depending on your destination. Some tourist destinations in East Java that we facilitate include Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Malang, Surabaya, Ranu Kumbolo. Want to know more about some of the tour packages we offer? Here are the reviews.

1. Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package

Mount Semeru Trekking Tour is a tour package for you a true adventurer who wants to conquer the highest peak of the mountain on the island of Java. With an altitude of 3676 mdpl, Mount Semeru is a volcano that has a peak with the name Mahameru and included in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Semeru mountain tour package has a variant of climbing packages are as follows:

2. Ranu Kumbolo Camping Tour Package

Climbing the mountain will not be boring if you climb Mount Semeru in this East Java. If you are not able to get to the top of Mahameru, you can climb up to the lake kumbolo which is located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Semeru, Lake view at this altitude is very beautiful, plus the beauty of the sunrise is very amazing and worth to try. To conquer Ranu kumbolo you only take 2 days and 1 night. Travel details as follows : Camping at Ranu Kumbolo 2 Days 1 Night

3. Mount Bromo Tour Package

Bromo Tour Package is one of the tour packages to visit the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia, in this region you will be invited to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bromo is so fascinating. Starting from seeing the sunrise, sunset, enjoying the beautiful nature of Savana (Bukit Teletubbies), Pasir Berbisik, Bromo Crater, adventure with Jeep, riding in the sea of sand Bromo. Therefore there is no mistake if you try the Bromo tour package. As for several options of Bromo travel package that you can order is as follows:

4. Mount Ijen Crater Tour Package

Kawah Ijen (2386 m) is an active composite volcano located within the Pleistocene Ijen Caldera (old volcanic crater), at the easternmost part of Java island. The visible superficial manifestations of the hydrothermal system of Kawah Ijen’s activity consist of the world’s largest hyper acidic lake on Earth, a few thermal discharges, and crater fumaroles which produce significant amounts of native sulfur. The Ijen caldera complex measures approximately 210 km2. Its name is linked to that of the only currently active volcano within the caldera, Kawah Ijen. The caldera contains more than 15 post-caldera volcanic cones making it one of the top recommended areas in the world for stunning volcanic scenery. Travel details as follows: Mount Ijen Crater Blue Fire Tour

Mount Semeru Bromo Ijen Tour Price 2022

That’s some of the tour packages we offer for you. By joining us as your traveling partner, we guarantee your vacation will feel more enjoyable and safe because we have professional and experienced staff and tour guides and can be trusted. Fair and honest prices will make your vacation even more enjoyable. The following is the Mount Bromo Ijen Semeru Trekking Tour Price 2022.

Tour PackagePrice Per Person
Mount Bromo Tour 1 Day (Midnight)IDR 900.000
Mount Bromo Tour 2 DaysIDR 1.300.000
Mount Bromo Ijen Tour 3 DaysIDR 2.050.000
Ranu Kumbolo Tour 2 Days 1 NightIDR 2.550.000
Mount Semeru Trekking 2 Days 1 NightIDR 3.250.000
Mount Semeru Trekking 3 Days 2 NightsIDR 3.950.000
Mount Bromo Semeru Trekking 4 Days 3 NightsIDR 4.900.000
Mount Bromo Ijen Semeru Trekking 5 Days 4 NightsIDR 5.800.000

* Price not valid for a holiday (high season as well as Indonesia public holidays)
* Prices are valid for 5 people, more than 5 people please contact us to get a price quote

East Java tourist areas are required to enter in your tour list because here you can feel the exciting adventure that you rarely get at other tourist attractions. Immediately plan your vacation and Booking Mount Bromo Semeru Ijen Trekking Tour Package with us TrekkingSemeru.Com